Battery Operated Auto Rickshaws Electric Car at Vaishno Devi

Only very few people knows about the electric auto rickshaw service between Adhkumari and Bhawan. 5 years Earlier Shrine Board in Katra started this service in Vaishno Devi. Yatries who wants to travel in this battery car must know that and a auto rickshaw is capable of carrying 2-3 persons from Adhkumari to Vaishno Devi due to upward slope in the track and while coming from Vaishno Devi Bhawan to Adhkumari it can carry 7 to 8 persons in a single car.

Timings : This, facility is available only from morning to evening and there is no night service for this facility and for a particular time all the auto rickshaws move in one directions and all these cars go together in order to avoid inconvenience to the pilgrims.

Pricing : If anyone want to avail this service, the ticket charges are Rs 300 per person for up and Rs 200 person for down.

Booking Procedure :  Only current booking at counters in respective stations is done for battery operated car service and as such services like  Helicopter booking and other online booking services there is no online or advance booking for battery auto.

Route : SMVDSB, started this services in the new track which start from Adhkumari and terminates at the Bhawan because this track do not have as much upward slope and these battery auto rickshaws can be operated in that track.

The purpose to introduce this facility is to benefit the old, physically handicapped, and people those who are unable to walk in the track between Katra to Vaishno Devi. But now a days every one can avail this service but have to wait in long queue. Also remember this service remains suspended during rainy days and mostly in spring seasons due to landslide and slippery in the track.




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